Top 10 Best Treks in India

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December 25, 2020
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Top 10 Best Treks in India

Top 10 Best Treks in India – India is a country of diversity and variety which makes it a hotspot for every kind of landscape. This is why a lot of hills and mountains are famous for trekking.

What is an ideal trek though? The first point is that it should be scenic all year-round instead of just a few days or months! You don’t want to go for a trek at the wrong time and witness barren land and boring sceneries.

And the most important criteria are that it should be accessible by everyone ranging from a professional climber right to a beginner.

This list states the top 10 treks in India that fulfill the above criteria starting from the bottom up.

  1. Hampta Pass (Himachal Pradesh)

Starting from Manali and ending in Spiti, this trek provides a spectacular landscape for anyone trekking on this route. A variety of trees can be seen throughout this uphill climb.

Right from the pine and maple forests in Manali to the grasslands stretching from Jwara, up until the top of this pass, can be witnessed on this climb.

The best season to visit this pass is from June to mid-September.

  1. Kedarkantha Summit (Uttarakhand)

On this trek, you will find staying at night very easy because of the presence of quite a lot of campsites, each unique in their way, set up in places that are in clearings.

When you do reach the top of this summit, you will witness snow-capped mountains all around you, in every direction. It feels like walking in a winter wonderland, no doubt in that. The blankets of snow will be a treat for your eyes.

The best season to visit this summit is at the end of December

  1. Buran Ghati (Himachal Pradesh)

This trek will give you an all-round experience. You will get to pass through small, charming villages, thick forests, tiny meadows, a pass giving you a thrilling experience and a walk through the trees that are heavily laden with fruits and flowers.

The villages make for nice spots for relaxation before continuing with your trek.

The best season to visit this pass is in mid to end-June and mid-September to mid-October.

  1. Goechala (Sikkim)

Sikkim is a beautiful state it is recommended that everyone visit it at least once. What makes this state a little more to look forward to is the Goechala trails.

This trail will give you all the romantic feels. The lower trails showcase a variety of flowers and you will see a lot of mountains as you go up. This is a trail that is the closest, within touching distance of the Kanchenjunga ranges.

The best season to visit this pass is in mid -April to end-May and mid-September to December.

  1. TarsarMarsar (Jammu & Kashmir)

This location looks like straight out of a movie set. This trail offers you a walk, through meadows filled with an abundance of flowers that you will be terrified of how to save them.

The water in the lakes is a deep royal blue with a lot of waterfalls.

The best season to visit this pass is between July-September.

  1. Stok Kangri Summit (Jammu & Kashmir)

This summit is India’s highest trekkable summit at an altitude of 20,085 feet. Just like the Everest summit, this trek also requires planning right from the start at the base camp.

The best season to visit this pass is in July and August.

  1. Chadar Trek (Jammu and Kashmir)

This trek is renowned internationally and is a beautiful climb till the top. The salient feature of this trek is the great canyon walls lining throughout which does not let the sunshine through it. But whenever it does happen, the view is so colourful, its hypnotic.

The best season to visit this pass is in mid-January to mid-February.

  1. Roopkund (Uttarakhand)

The path of this trek transforms from dark, mysterious forests to beautiful Ali and BedniBugyal meadows. Long alpine stretches can be seen throughout. The end of this summit leads to Mount Trishul, this trail is an adventurous one.

The best season to visit this trek is from late May to June and mid-September to mid-October.

  1. Rupin Pass (Himachal Pradesh)

This journey starts from Uttarakhand and ends in Himachal Pradesh and along the way, you will witness pretty much everything you can while on a trek. Hanging villages, meadows, forests, waterfall, snowfields, you name it, you will experience it.

It could be a little too much for beginners, but worth it.

The best season to visit this trek is from late May to June and mid-September to mid-October.

  1. Great Lakes Trek (Jammu & Kashmir)

As the name suggests, this trek will let you witness the glamourous sight of the seven glacial lakes. All the streams and brooks, continuous stretches of plains, clusters of maples and silver birch only makes this place more enticing.

The best season to visit this trek is from late May to June and mid-September to mid-October.

These are some treks that are quite beginner-friendly. Start with the 10th one and you will not be disappointed!



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