10 Things To Keep in Mind While Booking a Hotel

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February 3, 2021
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10 Things To Keep in Mind While Booking a Hotel

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Are you planning a vacation with your family or friends? Vacations are necessary; it allows you to forget all your commitments and errands and gives you endless experiences in life. Well, you can make your vacation super fun and memorable by choosing the right destination, hotel, and other facilities. Selection of the hotel is indispensable as it will be your temporary home for the next few days. You should always look for something comfortable, welcoming, and convenient within your budget. A smelly, old and poorly located hotel can be frustrating and can ruin your whole vacation.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options that you can see on the internet while choosing the hotel, villas, apartment, or resorts. It might be difficult to look at hundreds of options and choosing the best among all. And just when you thought that you have booked the perfect hotel as per your requirement, you might realize that it was not even close to your expectations. So, to make your decisions easier, here are 10 basic things that you must consider while booking a hotel. The points listed below are quite evident in helping you to find a great deal the next time you travel.

What To Look For in a Hotel – Choosing the Best Hotel

  • Hotel Location

Make sure that you are double-checking the location of the hotel. Some hotels might claim to be situated at an amazing location but they aren’t actually. You must always find it through Google Maps and the users’ review. So, figure out the areas you will be spending more time in, and then depending upon your needs, book the hotel in that particular area. Booking a hotel within the walking distance of the places you are more likely to visit is great. If you can manage to find a hotel that has dazzling views within your budget then your vacation will be set.

  • Type of Rooms

The room you choose for your trip should be as comfortable as possible. So, check all the specifications of the room such as images, size, view, bathroom, air conditioning, bedding options, and other facilities including tea/coffee maker, television, safe, fridge, and iron board. The images on the internet might be deceptive, so, check the reviews of the customers regarding the facilities, cleanliness, size, view, noise, etc.

  • Hotel Facilities

Ignoring the basic facilities and amenities by the Hotel is not cool. You must always check whether the hotel has good amenities which you might need during your stay under your budget. There should be room services, 24 hours reception, housekeeping, concierge as the basic services of a hotel. Other facilities include – Free Room WIFI, Gym/Spa/Swimming Pool, Lift, Free parking, Dining area, Pet-friendly/Wheelchair accessible, Luggage Storage.

  • Guest Reviews & Ratings

When you are going through the list of hotels on the internet, the first thing you must check is the star rating of a particular hotel. Make sure you are extra cautious while doing this. You must look for the reviews of the customer who have previously stayed at the hotel. This helps in making a more reliable and unbiased decision while choosing the best hotel.

  • Catering Services

At times, hotels offer you fantastic accommodation with included complimentary breakfast which adds more quality to your stay. This makes your morning easier as you don’t have to worry about your morning meal. Moreover, it also helps in saving lots of money.

  • Fine Print

Always check if the hotel will debit your credit card immediately or just save the details for future orientation. Also, you must look at whether the hotel if having a cancellation policy, no-show policy, taxes, tipping policy, resort fees, etc. Always book your room in your name and bring your ID for verification at the time of check-in. It is always better to sort things out earlier than regret later.

  • Check in & Check out Timings

This is among the significant factor that people might overlook many times. Well, if you are going to some new city, and if you reach that place before that the scheduled check-in time or if you leave that place very late; then you would have to be without a room. So, getting proper information from the hotel before time is very essential. You must always confirm the hotel accommodation services regarding check-out and check-in time and accordingly plan your next move.

  • Hotel Reputation

For an amazing vacation, choosing the right hotel with better services and a decent location is the main thing. You should trust good hotels with better market value and a loyalty base. You can also join the loyalty programs for certain good hotel brands and get added benefits like freebies, early check-in, late check out, free breakfast, and room upgrades. Make sure you have searched well and picked the most reputed hotel in a particular location.

  • Hotel Accessibility and Safety

Choosing a hotel that is easily accessible is important. Public transports should be nearby so that you can travel to different places easily without spending a lot of money on traveling. Moreover, make sure that the location of the hotel is safe and secure so that reaching that place at an odd hour does not become weird. If you are a solo traveler or if you are traveling with your kids; then being extra cautious is necessary.

  • Budget-Friendly Hotel

The hotel you book for your vacation must fit your budget. The overall price of the hotel depends on the amenities and the location. You should always check the rates of the hotel from the trusted online portals. Look for the attractive offers and packages which include other added services and amenities as well. You can also check the discount option if available at the time of online reservations.

Listing the Best Hotels in Narkanda

We are naming the best hotels in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh which is known for its scenic beauty and budget-friendly services –

  • The Wilderness
  • Hotel Snowflake
  • Tethys Ski Resort
  • Agyaat Vaas – The Himalayan Retreat
  • Sara Hotel
  • Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp
  • Hotel Apple Crest
  • Aaramgah – The Alpine Farmstay
  • Basa Homestay
  • The Royal Villa

So, by now you might know the essential factors to look for before finalizing the hotel.

If you are planning to visit Narkanda and searching for the best suitable hotel for the perfect vacation – ‘The Wilderness’ is the place for you. ‘The Wilderness’ is the best-suited hotel for the ones looking for breathtaking views of the Himalayas. You would get all the personalized services here. Visit ‘The Wilderness’ to experience happiness in the laps of nature, far from the bustling life of the cities.

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