Best Tourist Destinations in India

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December 28, 2020
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Best Tourist Destinations in India

Best Tourist Destinations in India – India is a very vast country with diverse culture. India is considered to most have the most astonishing tourists place. Every year, every season, every festival millions of tourists come to India to cherish the beauty of India. India holds a rich heritage that’s the result of centuries of different cultures and religions leaving their mark. India has spectacular tourist areas and magnificent monuments with a remarkable history. India has such a diversity that it includes the coldest places like Kashmir, the highest waterfalls, vastest deserts all over the world, longest beaches and mountains, and enthrall sunsets.

India is such a country which is ruled by several dynasties creating numerous cultures, monuments that attract a million of tourists. India’s colorful festivals have the hearts of tourists. India’s borders are distinct with idyllic beaches, rugged mountains, deserts, and backwaters. India is blessed with beautiful cities and nature and has a vibrant climates and cultures. India’s extensive geographical terrain is the main attraction for tourists. Even if it is a short trip here are some most extravagant places in India that you must visit. Now let’s get into the list.

The Taj Mahal, Agra

If you are looking for the most popular tourist destination in India then it’s Taj mahal. Taj mahal makes its place in seven wonders of the world and it is located in Agra, Delhi. It is built near the banks of the river Yamuna. It is in built-in 1631 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his favorite wife, Mumtaz mahal. It took 22 years to complete this monument and it took 20,000 workers, and it was finally completed in 1648. It is well furnished and is decorated with white marble, with delicately inlaid floral patterns along with gems and precious stones. It is well known for attestation of the power of love. It was built in remembrance of his wife Mumtaz. Taj mahal is a mixture of Mughal style which includes arches, domes, minarets, and black calligraphy. The best time to visit the Taj mahal is either dawn or dusk, the lights hit different and the beauty of the Taj mahal increases immensely. The reflections of the Taj mahal near the banks of river Yamuna are memorable views of a lifetime.

The Red Fort, Delhi

The red fort makes its place in the world’s famous heritage, which is known as Lal Qal ah is placed in old Delhi. It is one of the best examples of the Mughal style. It is designated by UNESCO as a world heritage in 2009.  It is based on Islamic ethics but has a mixture of Persian, European, and Indian art. It is the major attraction center of all times. It is built of stunning red sandstone and pillars standing tall and has balconies. It is a very significant place where on independence day, the prime minister addresses the nation. Red stands young and has a major significance in India history and captures huge tourists every year.

Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi is located in Vijayanagar, Karnataka. Hampi was once the richest village in the country. People visit Hampi in the interest of its history and beautiful monuments. According to records, Hampi is the most visited place in Karnataka. The people who visit Hampi are the people having an interest in history and monuments. Hampi is rich in art and architecture and it is well known for its culture. Hampi raised its reputation when Krishna deva Raya ruled the city between 1509-1529.  Hampi has various temples and beautiful monuments to visits. It is one of the most visited tourist places on the list.

Kanyakumari, TamilNadu

Kanyakumari is the most popular destination for tourists. It is located in Tamil Nadu. It is the southernmost tip of India. It is well known for beautiful sunrise and sunsets over the seas. It meets all three water bodies – the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian ocean. The place is all about picture-perfect sunsets, enchanting full-moon nights, scrumptious coastal food, and of course the thrill of being in such a geographical wonderful destination. Kanyakumari is unique and beautiful. Its vast beaches and soothing winds are where the beauty lies of Kanyakumari. There’s a statue of Swami Vivekananda located on a small island. Apart from it, there’s a huge statue of the famous Tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar, standing tall all over the seas, the beautiful beaches of Kanyakumari blows your mind away. Apart from beaches and statues, Kanyakumari has memorials, waterfalls, churches, museums and etc. Kanyakumari has a great history to explore and it has many religious temples to visit too. The walk on the beaches of Kanyakumari with soft mud at the ocean shores watching the sun sets across the horizon is definitely an experience to remember.

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