Inexpensive International Destinations from India

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January 18, 2021
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Inexpensive International Destinations from India

Inexpensive International Destinations from India – International journeys are what everyone wishes at least for once in his/her life. Travel has always been among the topmost in s person’s wish-list. Everybody has a destination, they would want to visit once in their life, be it Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, London or Paris. But international travels do not come at ease to the pocket. They require stability in the financial aspects of life. But we are here to break the myth that cross-border visits are heavy to the pockets. There are numerous places across the globe, which are a bit inexpensive as compared to others. Some of them have been described below. So pack your bags and get ready to set on a fabulous international tour.


Valleys of the Himalayas, the Devi falls, Kathmandu, Nagarkot are some of the attractions that make this small but serene country stand out among others. The rich culture, exotic cuisine and the rich list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are what makes this country an epitome of beauty. The beautiful handicrafts, paintings and clothing industry attracts a lot of tourists and plays an important role in the revenue generation of the country.

For Nepal, you can plan 7 days and 6 nights trip for an amount of approximately INR 25000-30000 as the hotels in Nepal costs about INR 400/per night and the dining is also quite cheap while the direct trip from Delhi to Nepal costs about INR 9000. An additional benefit is that there is no requirement of VISA for Nepal.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali can be termed as the ‘International Goa’. From its exotic beaches to the scenic sunsets and the beautiful cultural festivals, Bali is a little treasure island. The innumerable temples, landscapes add to the cultural essence of Bali, all of this at a cost-friendly to the pocket is what makes Bali a complete package. Social media is none short of the evidence of the recent popularity of Bali as it is flooded with photos of people from Bali.

Flight trips for complete travel may range from INR 20000-25000, depending on when you book your tickets. Rooms in Bali costs around INR 700 per day per person thus a complete trip for Bali would range you from INR 45000 to INR 50000.


An experience that is out of the box plus entire villages that float on a lake, Myanmar or previously termed Burma is an amazing country for a visit. The sacred Golden Rock that defies gravity, the Shwedagon Pagoda, a 110 m tall stupa embraced with gold plates and numerous diamonds with one of them rated 72 carats, a hot air balloon ride at sunrise are some of the attractions that have been attracting thousands of people every year to Myanmar.

If the booking is done early, the flight tickets may cost you around INR 22000 for a round trip. Accommodation in Myanmar may be as low as INR 700 while dining can cheap about INR 200 making the complete trip to Myanmar costing about INR 35000 for an exotic holiday.


With greenery that most countries would envy, colorful and beautiful nightlife and the century-old temples, Singapore is a treat for any visitor. Its world-famous cuisine is what makes the country’s food fests so good. The National Museum of Singapore and the National Gallery are a paradise for art lovers and would be an experience for anyone to savour while the great underwater sports traditions are loved by everyone. Strange thing is that all this comes up at a cost that your pocket would enjoy is a plus point.

A round trip flight booking from New Delhi would range from INR 20,000- 23,000 while it may cost around INR 13000-15000 from Chennai or Kolkata. The stay at normal hotels would be around INR 700 per day while the dining would cost nearly INR 500. So, for 4 days, 3 nights tour would cost about INR 40000 to your pocket.


The recent favorite for travelers, Maldives offers you great scenic sunsets on the beaches of the Indian Ocean with a coconut in your hand with shadows of palm trees falling over your body. Quite cinematic. Additionally, the huge range of water sports that can be practiced here is a great plus point for the Maldives as a destination. While you dive into the deep ocean, the underwater beauty you are going to witness is an experience for a lifetime. For all the surfers out there, here’s your place. Plus, the rich and vibrant culture is what adds to the armory and just makes this paradise stand out.

While the flight for a complete trip is around INR 22000, the room in a budget would cost around INR 900 making the complete trip range about INR 40,000. Water sports like snorkeling, diving and others could additionally add up to the cost.


These are some of the exotic international destinations that will provide a memorable experience to you for a lifetime and additionally would be friendly to your pocket.

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