Honeymoon Destinations in South India

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January 16, 2021
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Honeymoon Destinations in South India

Honeymoon Destinations in South India – The southern part of India is galore of gems, be it real gems or destination gems. The rich culture, famous cuisines and lovely nature is what make South India so special. For newly-weds, this part of the country is amazing and comes with an experience beyond description. South India is filled with treats for couples ranging from the lush green gardens to serene beaches to the tea gardens of Kerala. The diverse range of charm it offers is what attracts people to come and visit and spend quality time with their partners. A honeymoon is a one-time memorable experience for couples and they want to savor that experience forever. Couple this experience with the beauty of South India, you are in for a treat. So here we are with a list of Honeymoon destinations for you in South India.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The land of coziness, Ooty is a city of scenic views everyone would want to witness. It is quite famous among couples and has a major crowd of them throughout the year. Get a room in a cosy lodge or a hotel, sip a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy each other’s company. Filled with various activities, Ooty offers you parasailing, trekking, hand gliding and much more fun-loving activities. Deemed as the ‘Queen of the Nilgiris’, Ooty is filled up with green lush gardens where a small walk can chill you up and enthrall you. The famous tea gardens, where you can walk through them and gather nature’s best quality.

Ooty is easily accessible as it is some 90 km from Coimbatore Airport and the best time to visit the hill station is from March to June and a weekend in Ooty will surely stay with you a lifetime.


Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

This small town offers you everything you can wish for, from beautiful sunsets, trekking on the Palni hills or boating over a lake. Known for its lush greenery, dense forested, scenic valleys, waterfalls, and lakes, Kodaikanal is a retreat for couples wanting to spend some quality time. The center of the city is a lake surprisingly in the shape of a star where you have to take a romantic boat ride with your partner. All in all, one of the best honeymoon destinations in South India, Kodaikanal is unique in its way.

One can reach the city via air through the Madurai airport and the best time to visit Kodaikanal is from July to August.


Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is like the middle part of a sandwich, sandwiched between prominent cities like Bangalore and Mangalore. A beautiful little town for travelers around the world, Coorg is termed as the Scotland of India. Some of the best lush green coffee plantations and beautiful waterfalls add up to the perfect honeymoon destination. It can also be an amazing destination wedding place which can be followed by a picture-perfect honeymoon. The hilly terrains, white fogs, greenery, a pleasant climate is what attract the newly-weds to Coorg for a memorable time.

The ideal time of visiting Coorg is from October to April with accessibility via air from Mangalore Airport.


Araku, Andhra Pradesh

A small hill station in Andhra Pradesh, Araku is a valley nestled in the Eastern Ghats. The calmness and tranquility it carries is an amazing plus point for which people especially couples favor this as a place for honeymoon. Away from the busy streets of the cities, this picturesque valley is one of its kind with its high-quality coffee and tea. Trekking is quite popular among adventure lovers and the pleasant climate makes this a must-visit place for everything it offers.

A 3 day trip to Araku valley would be ideal with connectivity to Vizag airport. The ideal period for visiting Araku is from December to February.


Ponmudi, Kerala

Add to your wishlist, this small town of Ponmudi is full of tea gardens, full of beautiful flora and fauna. You can get on with your partner and go on a trekking trip in the dense forests and look at the picturesque waterfalls. The temperature is pleasant almost throughout the year and the town welcomes tourists from all over the world for its serene beauty, but somehow this gem has been quite undiscovered but off late, has been quality a favorable honeymoon places for couples to spend their time.

The city is nearly 55 km away from Trivandrum Airport and is best viewable from December to March. A trip for a weekend is best suitable for discovering everything the city has to offer.

South India has always been a proud region for the country offering everything one may wish. For all the wanderlusts or the newlywed couples, Southern India is calling you for an amazing memorable experience that you would savor for a lifetime.


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